Who is MoZaic?

MoZaic has always been a lover of music. From dancing as hard as she could at family functions to rapping lyrics on her toy recording machine. Being raised in the prime time of New York's Hip Hop movement, it was easy to understand this influence. MoZaic began singing leads on her church's children's choir. This is when she realized that singing was her saving grace. She believed that sound and melody had healing elements. She later studied to become a nurse at the University of Central Florida teaching her heavily about life, healing, and 
compassion. When given her guitar as a gift at age 21 in college her life changed forever. MoZaic sings to evoke feeling in this numb society we live in. Being MoZaic means she is comprised of many elements such as having an alternative but soulful sound, with a hippie's laid back demeanor and the wild passion of a rockstar. All of these make MoZaic....blended pieces to make 
heartfelt music!!! 

"Feel me or Feel me Not"